Big Half Year Florida Note

Currently winding up my Florida adventure and editing photos. I am still in Florida. Sunday ended up being a more adventurous travel day than I anticipated. It started with a leisurely beach walk then wandering into a naturist beach and was topped off with a flight attendant offering us an insane travel voucher with first class tickets if we'd give up our seats. Having noted a nasty ice storm in the works that we'd have to drive home through after we landed late, I opted to stay in Florida for another day and edit photos in seventy degree temps. I think I more than doubled my Big Half Year Total!

Rock Pigeon


Finally! Rock Pigeons! Whew, so glad I was able to get that right before the end of January! That bird was a real nail biter!

green heron


But seriously, I cleaned up on wetlands species--like this green heron giving the business to a turtle.  Digiscoping in Viera Wetlands is like shooting fish in a barrel.  I learned that Viera has been closed to vehicle traffic (though, if I lived here, I think I would be all over biking that place). But keep that in mind if you decided to visit.  Cars haven't been allowed in most of it since September.

I'll be adding more photos to the album over the next few days. This new digiscoping set up gets so many amazing photos, my challenge is figuring out which amazing photo of the tri-c0lored heron I want to be in the final album.

heartbreak skimmer


I did have my first heartbreaking photo miss.  The above black skimmer.  It's just not in focus enough for me to count it. Non Birding Bill thought it should be counted because even he could tell it was a skimmer...and should I be worried.  He goes to the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival and he can suddenly ID skimmers?  Anyway, I don't know if I will be anywhere else where skimmers are possible this year, so this is my first big dip on a bird.  Ah well.

Here's the official Big Half Year Flickr Album.

Here's information on the Big Half Year fundraiser for Friends of  Sax Zim Bog that I'm raising money for.