Birdchick Podcast #131: Cats, Space Coast Festival, Dinosaurs

Hey!  Did you know that I'm having a contest to give away my Swarovski ATM spotting scope? Yes, you could win, just send me your worst bird photo (but please read all the contest rules first). This week in crazy bird jobs:

Volunteer Field Assistant for the Blue-throated Macaw

Couples encouraged to apply for land bird surveys!

TOMKAT Ranch field assistant

Reader responds to the new bird job segment about cougars in California and you should check out biobabbler blog post on a cougar in her yard...and her creative defense.

A new comprehensive study about cats effect on wildlife has staggering results.

Another fossil is supposed to make us look at birds differently...don't all fossils, I mean, c'mon? Oh and here's a story about scientists figuring out that a fossil was a female bird that was ovulating...maybe that makes me look at scientists differently...

Swamp sparrows are way more aggressive than you may realize. Here's a video:!

It reminds me a lot of the book Birds Fighting.