Will I See You At The Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival?

As I hunker in for a day of sub zero weather with windchill set to surpass -30 tonight, I'm so looking forward to going to Titusville, Florida for the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival this week with Non Birding Bill. What are we doing there? Well, Non Birding Bill is now freelancing as a video editor and we are going to make some digiscoping videos. If you see us out and about and have a digital camera or smartphone, let's see if we can get you to digiscope some images and maybe they'll end up in the final edit! If we aren't in the field, we will be hanging out at the Swarovski booth in the vendor area.  Please come up and say hi.  This is one of those rare opportunities to meet the infamous NBB.


I'm especially looking forward to all the digiscoping opportunities to be had at Viera Wetlands and that's probably where we will spend a majority of our time. It's like Disney Land for nature photographers.



I'll see if I can NBB excited about a limpkin!  OK, OK, so that may be a little too brown for him, but I'm hoping I can show him a spoonbill or wood stork, he's gotta dig on those! At least there will be lots of birds that are big and obvious and easy to see.


I'm also totally geeked because I got word via social media that Mark Beaman will be there and he coauthored The Handbook of Bird Identification for Europe and the Western Palearctic.  I actually met him at The Biggest Week in 2012 but didn't make the connection that it was the same fellow.  This book is probably going to bite me in the butt in baggage fees (as it has when I have taken it with me to Kazakhstan and the Middle East, but it will be worth it.