Yes, There Were Birds In That Photo

What Bird I posted this photo earlier asking if there was a bird in this photo.  There are actually two horned larks in this photo. Can't see them? That's because their camouflage is doing its job.

What Bird Horned Larks

I tried circling them so you could see how close you came to finding them...but that bird in the middle is still hard to make out.

Hidden Horned Lark

Here' s a zoom in of the middle bird. It's back is facing my scope, but the head is turned slightly to the right and you can just make out the mask.

Horned Lark

It's incredible how well camouflage works on these ground feeding birds. I'm not sure what all they are finding to eat as they scurry the plowed fields but it must work well for them.

I did have to chuckle.  When I posted this on Twitter, one of the first answers came from @Darth who replied with this:

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 10.42.48 PM

Well played, @Darth, well played.