You're Making That Up

You're Making That Up  

Some of you may be aware that Non Birding Bill has been developing a radio game show of sorts with Mr. Neil and hosting preview performances. The previews are to iron out the script kinks and if all goes well, it will eventually be on air. Even though I am married to one of the co-creators of this cool project, I frequently do not know when the preview performances are until the very last minute and they sell out quickly.  Above is from the first preview performance and had Bill Corbett, John Hodgman, John Moe, Neil Gaiman (yes, Mr. Neil) and Kevin Murphy.  I can't help but look at that photo with quite a bit of pride and think, "Yeah, I know one of the guys who put that together and cowrote the script."

Bill Stiteler

That's my boy surrounded by the cast--note the relieved look on his face immediately after the first performance that was met with a very warm audience reception!

Part of the reason for the last minute nature of the preview is that everyone has crazy schedules and well, if you are the producer in the Twin Cities, you know how challenging it can be to find a theater space ahead of time, much less on short notice. Which is one of the reasons I haven't brought it up on the blog.

Long story short, there's a preview performance next week, February 7, 2013 at 8pm at the Brave New Workshop.  This one will have Neil Gaiman, John Moe, Joseph Scrimshaw (yeah, the dude who had me on his podcast Obsessed and argued about my lack of obsession with birds and his having me on again with an etymologist to talk about my supposed obsession with swearing), Mike Fotis...and me (sometimes having a last minute show means you might be suddenly short a guest and it's handy to have a wife who can bs well).

What is this show about? Have you ever watched QI? It's kind of like that.  John Moe asks questions and we have to make up an answer.  It's funny and weird. So, if you see this in time and you are in the Twin Cities area and you have $12, order tickets at the Brave New Workshop Student Union ASAP. And note that it's the Student Union, don't want to end up at the wrong venue on game night!