Birds and Beers is Spreading

If there's one thing I'm incredibly proud of, it's knowing that I helped start a movement that got birders of all abilities to periodically socialize over an adult beverage in a pub. I love doing Birds and Beers when I can, I love that in the Twin Cities, if I'm too busy to host one, people organize it without me. Birds and Beers Biggest Week

I was recently interviewed for an article in the Chicago Tribune because a Birds and Beers recently started up in that city. I was surprised to realize that Birds and Beers is over five years old.  When the reporter asked, I quickly did a search for the first blog entry and it happened way back in time flies. Since then, I've had word that Birds and Beers has happened in Madison, WI, Phoenix, AZ, Duluth, MN, Denver, CO, Forest Grove, OR and now Chicago.  I'm sure there are more, I just don't know about them. I try to do them when I attend bird festivals, but it's not quite the same as having a regular gang you meet on a monthly basis in your town.

So I have to know--what other Birds and Beers are out there?  Who else is hosting? Have you been to one?  Better yet, have you ever wanted one in your town? Consider hosting one, there are suggestions for how to do it on my Birds and Beers page.

Speaking of which, looks like the next Twin Cities Birds and Beers will be February 18, 2013 at the Black Forest Inn at 6pm.

Birds and Beers is an informal gathering of birders of all abilities–if you’re interested in birds, you’re invited. You can meet other birders–maybe find a carpool buddy, ask about where to find target birds, share cool research projects you might be working on, ask a bird feeding question, share life lists, share some digiscoping tips, promote your blog–the sky is the limit. It’s low key and it’s fun.