Melanistic House Sparrow?

Nobody seems to care about house sparrows in North America.  I posted the following photo to the American Birding Association Facebook page and no one really seemed interested in discussing it (granted, it's not as glamorous as discussing one's indignation at adding Hawaii to the official ABA area of countable birds list). melanistic house sparrow

But still, it's a dark house sparrow and I wasn't sure if this bird was melanistic or just dirty. I tried googling "melanistic house sparrow" and found someone in Europe who had a very dark house sparrow, kind of a cool looking bird.

dark house sparrow



Perhaps if it wasn't non-native it would register more interest? Sometimes birds hatch out of the egg with aberrant plumage--sometimes albino (absence of any pigment) or luecistic (missing some pigment) or melanistic (too much pigment).