Photos That Were Too Good

As much as I enjoyed the awful photos for my spotting scope competition, I also enjoyed the submissions of photos that...weren't that bad. Some of them I could see from a photography point.  Ah yes, as a pro photographer, I can see how you would think that minor bit that's out of focus is an awful photo...but some of them were really cool: Poop was a popular submission.  And the poop shots were often in focus. Here are some of the top money shots:

Too Good Pamela Monaha eagle poop

Pam Monahan got an adult eagle releasing a load.

Janet Kissik Hug has a great show of a family of osprey with junior ruining the photo as kids are want to do.

too good devin couture duck poop

Devin Courture got a cute shot of a shoverler shooting some poop.

Too Good Craig Nash Shite Bird Photograph 11

Craig Nash got a shot of the elusive woodcock squirt, very nice.

Too Good Coot Jen Garland

Dead birds were also a popular subject, but most of them were shot in a very artful way--like this coot by Jen Garland.

Too Good Kim Roberston dead bird

Kim Robertson got this beautiful dead seabird on the Sunshine Coast in Queenland, Australia.

Too Good Bonnie Bowen crow head

Here's another kind of arty photo of a crow head from Bonnie Bowen. I will grant you these photos are unique and perhaps wouldn't make the cover of any birding magazines, but they are intriguing.

too good mantis wayne price

I thought this was a cool photo from Wayne Price.  But here is my question, what the mantis just chilling out...or was it after the goldfinch?  They have been documented going after hummingbirds.

Too Good mark robinson rtha

Mark Robinson sent in this cool and crisply in focus red-tailed hawk.  Not a bad photo..but man, not sure I would want my camera that close to the crap end of the bird.

Too Good redheadwp Liz Stanley

Liz Stanley got a red-head woodpecker to pose with her good luck charm stuffed red-headed woodpecker. Not bad but definitely a fun photo!

Too Good Scott Hawley Pileated in Birdbath

Scott Hawley submitted this strange photo.  He purchased a disc you can put in your heated bird bath that keeps birds from bathing in them in winter.  The black disk is supposed to float on top of the water...unless a female pileated woodpecker decides to land on it and sinks the whole deal. lol.

To see the best of the worst submissions...and well to feel a little better about your own photography skills, be sure to check out the finalists in the Flickr gallery.