Birdchick Podcast #136: Too many bird jobs

  The latest in bird photography shaming on YouTube. A guy teases a great gray owl with live bait (he didn't even give the bird the food--what the heck, jerk wad?)

So...if you want to get rid of hang out dead vultures?

Is someone going to try and "de-extinct" the passenger pigeon? (I apologize for the amount of times the blog author uses the word "hip." Oy.

What's up with the whooping crane that was shot in Texas by a hunter?

Hilarious take on Duck Duck Goose.

The grossest cowbird photo series you'll see this week!

So cool.  Prairie Birder has created her own digiscoping adapter! Swarovski, give her an internship!

NBB has another podcast: Drinking With Geeks!