Coast To Coast...almost like a Sade song

Man, if anyone get's that reference in the title, we must be of similar ages. This is mostly a post to let everyone know that yes the blog is still active and I am currently deciding the winner of the Crossley Contest. In less than a week I have been on two coasts of the continental United States:

West Coast


Here's  a beach from Los Angeles where I got my lifer Pacific Loon.

East Coast

And here's the east coast via Connecticut. Boy, are my arms tired.


Somewhere in there I managed to have time to get to part of a speaking line up with Cornell luminaries as Marshall Iliff from eBird and Steve Kress with Project Puffin.  I got to be the cheese in a Cornell/Birdchick sandwich!  I also got to test out some new material for my Today's Office program that I give and I learned that the nude beach story goes over better than I expected and I'll most likely keep it in from now on.

scrub jay

Somewhere in there, I have managed to go birding and add birds hand over fist to my Sax Zim Bog Big Half Year like the above western scrub-jay.  I've got to be close to 90 birds, can't wait to get them loaded onto the Flickr Album.