Crossley Raptor Guide Contest

Hey Gang! It's another contest! In case you have not heard, there's a new Crossley Guide:Raptors coming in April that combines the talents of Richard Crossley, Jerry Liguori and Brian Sullivan. If you have enjoyed his field guides, you will love the individual attention given to each bird of prey found in North America in the new one.

Northern Goshawk 1

I'm a fan of the guides and use them for reference when I have a bird in a photo with that needs better ID or just use it for some boning up before I go out in the field. I asked Princeton University Press if I could do a contest for a book give away and in the spirit of the fun loving Robert Mortensen at Birding is fun...I think we have a good one.  OK, above is a page from the new guide with my favorite raptor: the northern goshawk adult plumage.

Northern Goshawk 2


Here is the immature northern goshawk page.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it...photoshop yourself (or a friend or family member) in one of these pages and email to me: sharon at birdchick dot com before 12 NOON Pacific Time on Thursday, March 22, 2013. The best one wins an autographed Crossley ID: Raptors Guide. Best entries and winners will be shared in the blog no later than Monday, March 25 (I have some crazy travel next weekend and my internet might be uncertain).

I'm not saying you have to go hog wild like this image of Robert Mortensen as a common nighthawk, but have a goshawk carry you away, share a beer, gardening--who knows.  The entries that make me giggle the best chances of winning!

Also, there's a sort of online Birds and Beers going on with Crossley and Sullivan on Friday, March 22, 2013 (BYOB).  I'm signed up for it, it looks like fun.  But again, I may very well be on a plane and have to miss it.