1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know Book Release Party


For those in the Twin Cities area next week, we are having a book launch for my newest book 1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know on May 7 from 7 pm - 8:30 pm. And I'm super excited because it will be at Glam Doll Donuts!

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 2.51.02 PM

These ladies make super tasty donuts! From the Showgirl (maple icing and bacon), the Calendar Girl (salted caramel and chocolate) to the Bombshell (my favorite, spicy Mexican chocolate and cayenne pecans and the surprisingly savory Girl Next Door (provolone and muenster) they will wow you with donutty flavor. Don't worry, they have regular donuts too.

But I'm happy to celebrate the release of my book and show off an awesome new donut place in my neighborhood. I'll be happy to answer any crazy bird question that you have. The book has been getting some great attention so far, even from All Things Considered!

We'll have some books on hand to sell, but if you already bought one and would like it signed, feel free to bring it. You can also bring copies of other books too if you have them (Disapproving Rabbits and City Birds/Country Birds).

I'll also be doing a signing at Biggest Week in Birding if anyone is going to be there in Ohio at Black Swamp Bird Observatory on Saturday, May 11 from 1pm - 2pm (with Kenn Kaufman and The Stokes). I have to say how weird that is to be in that position.  Was it really only 10 years ago I was working in a wild bird store, selling their books and now I'm signing books along next to them...how did I get here?

I hope you can come...if for no other reason than to share a donut with me. Maybe afterwards we'll raid one of the many bars on that street for an impromptu Birds and Beers?