Book Signings for 1001 Secrets

In case you weren't aware...I had a new book come out in May. Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 11.59.34 PM


I've had some book signings already, but not everyone has been able to make them and I've had emails asking how to get them signed. We have a few copies here that I can sign and send out if you would like to have one. If you want one before Father's Day, order before June 4, 2013 (I leave for Europe that day and won't be able to sign any until I get back in the middle of the month).

book signing


I have to say that I've had some very surreal moments this spring. This was from a book signing at Biggest Week and at one point I looked to my left and saw Kenn Kaufman signing and two my right were the Stokes--all influential in my early birding days. I kept asking in my head, "How did I get here signing my own book along side them?"

In the above photo we have Ken Keffer, Lillian Stokes, Don Stokes, me, Kimberly Kaufman and Kenn Kaufman. Wow.

I do have more signing coming, they will be listed here. I'm excited that I'll have a signing in my own neighborhood bookstore Magers and Quinn and The Raptor Center will be there with a live bird! I bet I could be talked into a Birds and Beers when it's over.