Birdchick Podcast #152: Owls Don't Want To Be In Your Wedding

Remember when I got the offer of a free camo bikini? I opted for a camo bedset instead, I actually really like it. And I learned that white vinegar makes a great fabric softener. Owl that was supposed to deliver wedding rings during ceremony, falls asleep instead.

Once again migratory birds get caught in the 9/11 Tribute in Lights.

Hawaiian petrel found dead in Arizona.

We referenced this article in the last podcast but a report came out that 67 eagles have been killed in the last five years at wind turbines. Bird deaths are a cause for concern but considering all the other things that kill eagles, is that so bad?

Walter Kitundu presents the most intimate photo of an oxpecker with a giraffe you will see all day.

Punk Rock Big Year is test offering bird shirts. The initial design is a red-winged blackbird.

67 eagles killed at wind turbines in 5 years vs 7500 birds killed at one gas flare in Canada in one night.