Birdchick Podcast #155: Boobies, Women and Zombies

Mom stories--"don't you know who my daughter is" or visiting NWR and it's closed. I was interviewed by a college newspaper and the article is just so darned cute. Love those college reporters.

What bothers me most about the zombie genre is addressed in this article on Boing Boing.

A brown booby in Buffalo.

Alpine swifts are CRAZY flyers.

How predatory sounds can affect an ecosystem.

Record holding teen birder in the Chicago Tribune.

Revisiting sexism in science and nature careers. A science writer is asked to write for Bio Online for free by an editor, she declines and gets called a whore by the editor. This is not acceptable as the now former Biology Online editor has learned.

How many of these 13 essential outdoor experiences have you done?

Cool photos you should check out: Bald eagle vs great blue heron over a fish and the 2013 Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners have been announced. I thought this noddy photo was the most intriguing:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.48.43 AM
Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.48.43 AM