Private Digiscoping Tours

Digiscoping People have asked for it and I can only be in so many places at once, so here it goes. Would you like to have some one on one time with me for digiscoping practice? I'm now offering private digiscoping workshops. If you are in the Twin Cities metro area and would like to have a half day or full day with me to practice the technique with a smart phone or digital camera with your spotting scope, email me at sharon at birdchick dot com. If I am available we will visit local areas that are good for practicing the technique.

These are not tours specifically to get you life birds. We might get some new birds for you while you are with me, but if you are looking to add a bunch of flycatchers to your life list--I am not the droid you are looking for. If you would like to get sharper images of birds, get birds in better light, get closer to birds without stressing them out, learn some basic editing techniques, learn more about how exactly your camera phone works--I am the girl you are looking for.

Rates vary based on where you would like to digiscoping and how long you would like to spend time with me. If you are not in the Twin Cities and you'd like to hire me for a birding/nature festival or a class, I have rates for that too. I digiscope quite a bit and teach workshops all over the world.  Many of the images in my birding books are digiscoped by me.  Here are some examples:

How to use your iPhone headphones as a remote shutter release.

Digiscoped Grosbeak Rose-breasted grosbeak digiscoped with Nikon D40, DCA adapter and Swarovski ATM 80mm spotting scope.

Digiscoped with an iPhone

Common cranes digiscoped with an iPhone 4s and Swarovski ATM 80mm spotting scope.

Digiscoped Wood Duck

Wood duck digiscoped with Nikon V1, TLS APO adapter and Swarovski ATX 85mm spotting scope.


Common yellowthroat digiscoped with iPhone 4s, PhoneSkope adapter and Swarovski ATX 85mm spotting scope.

We can even play with video if you'd like. I'll even show you how to send your photos around on the various social media sites.

Email me at sharon at birdchick dot come for more details.