Birdchick Podcast #158: Starling Poop In Rome & Hawk Owl Rescue

This is what I feel like when I go birding:

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Rome is inundated with starling poop.

Kayaker rescues hawk owl in Finland--amazing photo, here's the English version.

14 year old birder named Khalid Boudreau discovered the second-known breeding spot of the American white pelican in B.C.

Forbes article tries to explain why the ToysRUs ad is backfiring but makes it a gender issue but Stephen Colbert NAILS it.

Study about traffic noise and its affect on birds.

Check out an online seminar on the behind the scenes of Cornell's Bird Cams. Learn some of the secrets this coming Monday, Nov. 18, at 7:30 P.M. Eastern, in a special live presentation from Bird Cams Project Leader Charles Eldermire.