Birdchick Podcast #159: Talking Starlings and Crossbills as Pets?

  This is a hard story about the pet bird trade in Beijing but we need to read it. And before you think, oh these are birds, I'll never see...check out the bohemian waxwing and red crossbill. On a side note, the US is offering a $1 million reward for information to help dismantle one of Asia’s largest wildlife-trafficking syndicates.

Pete Dunne suffered a stroke last spring but he's still doing what he loves at Cape May. Read more about his future plans here.

Wind company fined $1 million for killing eagles (as they should be fined). But be careful where some of the information protesting wind farms on birds' behalf is coming from.  Quite a bit of it comes from oil companies.

Are hummingbirds really eating suet?

Some New York City residents are not happy about the influx of wild turkeys. Maybe they should try the weird looking coyote decoys.

Hand reared spoon-billed sandpiper found with wild flock.

Talking starling story.

You, North American Peeps, consider signing up for a Christmas Bird Count near you.

Liam Neesons.