Birdchick Podcast #164: More Owl Controversies!

Mya Rose Craig is an 11 year old lister...she's already hit 3000 and has optics sponsorship. Now that is what I call an upper echelon birder. Because, you know, birders don't have enough to argue about, here's a totally unexpected development. It's legal in Wisconsin to trip snowy owls for falconry...and some guy did. Boom! I wrote up my thoughts about it over at 10000 Birds.

There's a cool contest over at Birds & Blooms for a free trip to the Biggest Week in Birding.

Audubon President David Yarnold on the Colbert Report to talk about culling barred owls in favor of endangered spotted owls.

Interesting behavior documented by Corey Finger of what appears to be a lesbian pairing of Nanday parakeets.

In some excellent news, the wind turbine project on Lake Erie has been halted. There are good places for wind farms but a major migratory corridor like that one isn't one of them.

Dudes, it's an albatross live web cam in Hawaii--perfect escape from this long hard, Winterfell like winter.

ABA announces this year's award winners and my friend Laura Erickson is one of them!

Hey, did you see that we are doing another contest on the blog in the form of a web series? Check out this trailer--you might win a Swarovski Spotting Scope this spring!!