Birdchick Podcast #165: Owls Again and Eggs

It's World Sparrow Day soon! Please everyone, let's just be reasonable about snowy owls? Maybe? Latest Project Snowstorm update.

Swarovski Optik contest for SLC binoculars. Have a good campfire story?

Endangered kakapo accidentally crushes her egg but wildlife rehabbers fix it with tape and glue.

Photographer Jim Neiger pleads guilty to harassing endangered snail kites.

Funny duck story.

Pelican with a GoPro on its beak.

Places I've been recently: Klamath Falls Winter Wings Bird Festival and Alamo Inn Bed and Breakfast.

We talked about a print that I purchase from a  "tea bag lady" here is here site Orphan Girl Fine Art. Here's the print I got.