Birdchick Podcast #181 Can Owls Swim?

Good news on the Vikings Stadium. 3M is set to step in an test out a film to prevent bird strikes. This seems hopeful. 

World's oldest living wild bird is back and ready to mate at 63 years of age. That is one heck of an albatross. Cool video of a peregrine diving after pintails. 

Can owls swim? Kinda. Especially when forced into one of the Great Lakes by a peregrine falcon.

Here's the Nissan ad that pissed Sharon off. 

For cleansing purposes, a budgie that can sing like R2D2:

The rufous hummingbird controversy--well intentioned people mistakenly capture winter hardy hummingbird and now it's in limbo. 

Brace yourselves, snowy owls comin'. Again.