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I Wanna Go Birding With This Guy

Some photos from the set of the Big Year movie (loosely based on the book) have been “leaked.”

I want to watch birds with him for several reasons.  Number one, he’s Owen Wilson (known by some as the Butterscotch Stallion) and my hormones demand it that I be somewhere in his vicinity.  Number two, I love most of his movies–Royal Tennenbaums, Zoolander, anything with Jackie Chan (if I could have an Owen Wilson/Jackie Chan sandwich, I’d die a happy woman…did I just share too much…)  Number three, I WISH more birders dressed like this.  Hot pink pants?  Purple jacket? Turquois shirt?  I have that exact hat only mine is in leopard print.

22 comments to I Wanna Go Birding With This Guy

  • Clearly Tilley wasn’t able to cough up a pellet of cash for the product placement….

  • Dymphnasis

    Too funny. He is hella sexy. The outfit is just icing on the cake baby!

  • I dunno. He’d probably be bumming your binoculars the whole time cause he clearly didn’t bring his own.

  • For certain “favors” I’d let him look through my Swarovski scope. Heck, I might even let him wear the harness…to my Swarovski ELs, of course…not some other sort of harness…really I mean a binocular harness…insert Homer Simpson donut noise…mmmm, Owen Wilson in a harness…

  • I had heard through the grapevine that Steve Martin was going to wear Swarovski bins–good to see confirmation. Thanks, Hugh.

  • Admirer

    I would wear anything you wanted me to, BC! ;P

  • birdbrain

    I’m not sure when this movie comes out but I think
    we should mark it for a “Birds & Beers” event. Yeah,
    50+ TC birders juiced-up watching Jack Black – have to
    be there!

  • susy

    Who’s the director? I would love another Wes Anderson with Owen and birds!

  • Kurta

    Oh, I’m telling ya. They better not screw this movie up! It’s not very often that Hollywood puts out a birder movie (ever?) so I hope it becomes my new favorite comedy.

  • Wow, that looks great. Some of my fave actors doing my fave hobby… excellent.

  • hmmmm, I can’t get past his nose (how superficial of me) but love Steve Martin…so I’ll go, I’ll go!

  • nikkikoval

    Timeout for you. Get goin.

  • Awesome! I hadn’t heard about this movie — cool!

    Hey, are you going to Cape May this year?

  • Who is playing who? I’m assuming that Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson are playing Greg Miller, Al Levantin and Sandy Komito (not necessarily in that order), but I haven’t seen anything that actually confirms this.

  • Must be a funny movie with this cast :-)

  • Steve

    “Parsons, star of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory,” plays the author of a popular avian blog.”

    It’s going to be hard to see him as anything but Sheldon.

  • Steve

    Just saw this:

    “OOS is running an interview with Greg Miller regarding his experiences on the set in our summer newsletter. Miller, of course, abides by his non-disclosure agreement but shares his excitement with being a birding consultant for the film. Says he was in tears, from laughing so hard, while watching Jack Black in action.”

    OOS = Ohio Ornithological Society
    (Glad to hear they got a birding consultant)

  • Bonnie

    I’m still amazed that someone is making a movie about birding….

  • I would love to go birding anytime with anyone who wore such a brightly colored Easter-Egg looking outfit. That would be a wonderful, welcome change from the usual “dun”, “khaki”, or “dark olive” shades so typical of birding attire. As opposed to scaring birds away, I think everything from a loons to siskins would come flying hither out of sheer surprise and curiousity.

  • Patrick

    Wait, so is Owen Wilson supposed to be Sandy Komito? I guess it’s not a biopic, so they don’t care, but none of the 3 look anything like him.

  • Steve

    Hey check this out:

    “While observing the Little Curlew in Santa Maria, CA
    Sandy Komito took the wrong step trying to get a
    better LooK – he fell into quick-sand and the
    other birders couldn’t help him for all they
    saw were his LOUD PLAID PANTS !!”

    I guess Owen is channelling Sandy afterall. Perhaps Sandy had a history of wearing loud clothes.