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Common Cranes In Israel

As information is coming in about my itinerary to the Hula Valley in Israel, I’m getting more and more excited.  One of my hosts for the trip is Tim Appleton and he sent over some photos of what we could see…looks like Cranemaggedon to me.  Actually the Common Cranes in the above photo remind of the Sandhill Cranes in Kearney, Nebraska.  The last time I went to Nebraska, our group actually saw a lone Common Crane mixed in with a bunch of Sandhills…wouldn’t it be funny to see a wayward Sandhill Crane mixed in with thousands of Common Cranes?

Apparently the Hula Valley is host to millions of migrating birds of several species including the Black Storks above.  Should make for some fantastic photos and interesting stories.

4 comments to Common Cranes In Israel

  • Very cool, I’m jealous! I especially love the shot of the cranes – when I’m in Arizona for the holidays I’m going to go see the Sandhill Cranes wintering at the Willcox Playa, and I’m looking forward to it.

  • That is so cool. Birding is something I never would have associated with Israel. It’s going to be an intense trip!

  • Oh Rebecca, you’re going to have a great time in Arizona. I need to get back there.

    Art – It hasn’t really registered in my brain that I’m for real going to be there until this weekend. It’s weird to go to such a historically ancient place for birds. I’m sure it’s going to be sensory overload.

  • There seem to be a few cranes in that image…
    Yes, it will be an amazing trip. The Magee Marsh and Cape May of the Western Palearctic!