Fair Weather Birder

Okay, so I didn't go see the Clark's Nutcracker. I just have too much work to do. I'll be in Duluth on Thursday geeking out with Brian Wheeler so maybe I'll head to Silver Bay to check it out.

I had every good intention going on Friday before work, but the bed was so warm...

Saturday was Stan Tekiela's Crex Wine and Crane Tour. It was fun. Amber and I were waiting for Stan to show up, I was having second thoughts with the wind blowing all over the place, wishing I had gone out with Bill to Lorraine's. We drove around Crex and I got a life bird. I had never seen a sharp-tailed grouse before and we saw one right on the side of the road. We also saw snow buntings and a dark morph rough-legged hawk--look at the top of Bill Schmoker's Page to see a dark morph rough-legged.

We watched a few thousand cranes come in as well. The birding was mostly by car, so Stan and his assistant pulled the vans over in an "L" shape to try and block the wind. He set up his little card table, broke out the crackers, meat, cheese and wine. We chatted for about 15 - 20 minutes and turned around. We found most of the food and wine gone and everyone else pretty much loaded back in the van. Stan pointed out that there were still more cranes coming but everyone had had enough and was ready to drive around Crex some more to look at other birds and mammals.