Orange Breasted Thugs

We've had flocks of robins moving through the last few weeks. I enjoy seeking them out on my walks, watching as they move secretly through the trees with a soft high pitched whistle. The bad boys that moved in today are a bit more aggressive.

Robins surrounding a roof top puddle. The bird on the far right is a cedar waxwing.

On one of the buildings behind mine, the roof is very slanted and water is always collecting. In the winter I watch the owner break up the ice dams, but in warmer weather this area serves as a make shift bird bath. This time of year I usually see a flock of cedar waxwings descend on the puddle. Today they showed up en masse, but their drinking plans were thwarted when the hordes of robins arrived. Any time a waxwing would try to go the puddle, at least two robins would fly in and pounce on it. Even the starlings were afraid of these guys. The robins sat in the trees and flicked their tails in defiance while giving sharp "chirip chup chup" calls. No one was going to mess with this flock. The dominated the puddle for the afternoon. After they had their fill and moved on, one lone brave blue jay flew in for a quick sip and then scooted away. I never saw the waxwings return, but there's enough shoddy roof work in Uptown, I'm sure they will get a drink somewhere.

I went for a walk around the neighborhood and to a park near Lakewood cemetery. The park of course was full of robins. I walked down the path and swarms of robins flew off ahead of me. With my headphones on, I almost fancied myself an Agent Smith from the second Matrix movie when he walks in with a flock of raven to confront Neo with...and then I realize how geeky that sounds.

I found more juncos and even a brown creeper.

I watched my KARE 11 segment on cable access today. I need to do something about my eyebrows, they're non-existent with those studio lights.