Great Grays are on the move!

I'm so excited I can barely work on any of my writing due at Adventure on Friday. The great gray owls are on the move. There was concern that the ice storm up north last weekend woudl cause the owls to move. This morning there was already a report that there were fewer owls in the bog, but they are heading towards Duluth. There have been quite a few reported on hwy 61 between Duluth and Two Harbors but now they are showing up closer to downtown Duluth. Tonight I got a phone call from Butch and Julie, the great folks who run The Inn on Gitche Gumee. I always stay there when I go up hawk trapping in the fall. They said that today they had a great gray in their front yard and that four more were found within a half mile of their place. Sounds like visiting both the bog and Duluth will get you owls. Also, if you are looking for a great place to stay, I highly recommend The Inn on Gitche Gumee, each room has a theme, the owners are very nice and take excellent care of you. Plus, they have award winning gardens that attract a variety of birdlife.