Got my hair reddened today. It's quite sassy, and doesn't look like hair that a birder would typically have, I'm ready for national tv. I did have fun moment as my hair was being colored, I got a call from KBJR the Duluth NBC affiliate, and they wanted to know if I would have time for a quick interview with them before the NBC Nightly News interview, I felt so famous. Alas, though no matter how fabulous my hair or shining my personality, once the stations get footage of these owls, that's what people will remember. I'm just so excited and proud of Minnesota and that birds are getting some much needed attention in the media.

I'm kind of nervous about owl numbers. Early reports from the ice storm suggest that some have left the area and the numbers aren't as great. Now, I need to keep this in perspective, instead of seeing 25 we may only see 11 which isn't bad at all. Owls are already being seen in the central section of the state and more are expected.

Oh! And in case you missed it, The Raptor Center had a great article about great gray owl injuries in The Star Tribune today about the great gray ows and how they made a prosthetic bill for an injured owl. Interesting is that all of the great grays brought in have been injured from car collisions. Amber and I are teaching an owl class this Sunday and on January 23 at TRC. When we do this one, we always car pool out somewhere to see a wild owl, hopefully we'll be able to find one but they all appear to be up north. Although if great grays keep pushing south, we may get to take the gang to see one.