Oodles of Owls...and an Osmond!

Can I say how much I love my life?? I have had some pretty unique experiences thanks to birding and today is one of those days that takes the cake. This morning at KARE 11 I got to meet Donny Osmond--for those curious, he is still very cute. How can you have a bad day meeting a guy like that. His reputation preceded him, everyone at KARE 11 just went on and on about how nice and wonderful he is and a pleasure to have on. He was nice enough to let Amber and I get photos. It was one of the few times we were speechless.

Later we went up with WCCO to film an owl segment at Sax Zim Bog. While there we ran into some banders from Whitefish Pointe Observatory who had come across an injured great gray owl on HWY 7. Amber and I offered to take the owl back to The Raptor Center after out segment. We tooled around with WCCO for about an hour and of course found tons of great gray owls. After we got some great shots we decided to head for the Twin Cities. Before leaving we contacted Gail Buhl from the Wolf Center to see if anyone had any other injured owls we could take back with us. Gail put us in touch with a private rehabber who had an injured great horned owl (probably hit by a car). When we picked up that bird, she told us about another injured great gray owl in Cloquet. Since that was on our way home we stopped and picked up that bird as well. As we headed towards The Raptor Center we called to warn that we were arriving with two great grays and one great horned owl. They asked if we would mind picking up an injured barred owl in Forest Lake at the Wildlife Sciences Center on our way...how could we say no? So we helped pick up four owls today. It was a blast!

Photos of today's adventure can be found here.