Wisdom Teeth Removal

I had four wisdom teeth removed Wednesday. Ow. I'm using this as an opportunity to read some of the many bird books I've collected in the last few months. This may be the Vicodin talking but Biosystematics of Crows is really interesting!

Good grief, I just caught my reflection in the mirror--I look like Mrs. Potatohead.

On a more exciting note, I'm working with Birdzilla to do webcasts. I'm working on topics and guest ideas right now but I'm hoping to do some exciting things with it like take the microphone out in the field and describe some fun bird situations. I don't mean like a meandering tramp in the woods where we discuss this little warbler here and the little thrush there, I'm thinking more along the lines of peregrines flying at my head while checking nests sites and the sound of pelicans barfing. Maybe even merlin banding or who knows something to bring the exciting part of birding to the web. Perhaps I will interview the pigeons on my window?

Okay, I'm sounding weird and need to rest.