Owl Stories Pouring In

Well this blog has temporarily gone to the owls. Next week I am leading an eagle tour with Amber so we will talk about other birds. People have been so kind with all their emails and sharing their owl stories. I had to share this photo from Mart and Suze Eldridge who are supporters of Project Wildlife in San Deigo.

Mart and Suze had barn owls nesting in their Mexican Fan Palm Tree.

One of the young birds fell out and Mart and Suze got someone from Project Wildlife to get the young bird the help it needed. Barn owls are usually something you associate with a farm in the midwestern country side. I just love this photo of the young owl aroung these tropical looking plants.

Okay, today I'm supposed to be working very hard on finishing my Urban Birdfeeding Book, so if I don't reply to emails don't take it personally. I'm just trying not to tick off my publisher.