Home and Garden Show

I've spent the last few days at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show working the All Seasons Wild Bird Store booth. I did get to meet Dick Enrico of 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment.

Dick Enrico and the birdchick. Not a bird, but an interesting sighting nonetheless.

The booth is loads of fun, I learned that a couple in Dakota Country has three ring-necked doves in their backyard and a couple from Blooming had a snowy owl in their yard last week. I gave them my cell number so they could call if they see it again. I always wonder what unusual birds show up that never get documented because people are either didn't know to tell the MOU or are afraid if they do tell they will end up with 400 MOU members in their backyard.

Traffic seemed to be kind of down from previous years at the show, and I had time to check out some other booths while there. One of them being the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum booth. They are promoting their Wild About Birds festivities they will be holding this summer. The had a giant nest and eggs in their display. You could crawl in the eggs and get your photo taken. These are some random children who had parents crazy enough to let a strange woman sit in an egg with them and get their picture taken. They are cuties though.

Pretend you're a hatching bird at the Home and Garden Show!

I'm very excited because the bird store is going to be a huge part of that this summer by having feeder demonstrations and a host of other projects. It should be a good time. The Arboretum is a fairly under birded area so it will be fun to see what comes of it.

Owls are still being reported in huge numbers especially around the Hinckley area. I would have thought they would have moved out by now...are they going to stay and if so that should bring many more birders to the state.