More writin' less birdin'

I am knee deep in work. I'm in the middle of the Michigan Birding Calendar for 2006 edits, the book and a couple of articles that will be due at the end of the month. Where does the time go, it seems like only last week I was brining in the new year and now here it is well into March.

I'm working like a fiend to get everything done because Amber, Lori and I are heading to Nebraska for the crane migration. I can't wait to be bundled up in my toasty warm hunting pants, with Hot Hands tucked in my gloves and socks, and buried under five layers of clothing to watch sandhill cranes on the Platte River.

Since I'm sitting so much now and doing more writing when not at the bird store I've started going to the YWCA for an hour of activity. I am really enjoying this thing called and elliptical machine that makes you feel as though you are bouncing in place. Non-birding Bill got me a set of back issues of Birding from the ABA so I've been reading those while bouncing in place. I was reading an article on reverse sexual dimorphism (an article about theories of why in some species of birds females are larger than males). As I was reading it the Big Butt song came up on my iPod. I suddenly had all these images of male sharp-shins flying around to this catchy little rap ditty looking for large female sharp-shins perched and shuffling their tails as they normally do. I thought to myself, why can't they make bird tv shows with this type of humor? I love Attenborough's Life of Birds, but there has to be more out there than that.