Techno Birding

I have another fun new toy to play with. It's called a Song Sleuth and you can aim it at bird songs and it will come up with a list of candidates. And that's not the coolest part, you can also use it to record calls so if your not sure of the bird call or if you disagree with the Song Sleuth's deduction of the call you can record the call and take it home with you--it works even better if you use a shotgun mic with it to get a better aim at the songster and more accurate recording.

The device itself hangs around your neck like binoculars and you do aim it toward the singing bird in question just like binoculars by holding it up to your eyes. I actually got a little worried around the Empire Substation. Birders already look incriminating enough with their high powered optics around neighborhoods and now another device to make us look stranger and like we're up to no good. I can see this being a valuable tool for somone that has trouble remembering bird calls.