Trapped in Indiana

Somebody emailed me a photo two days ago asking me to id the bird in the photo. Due to a power outage and a roadtrip I didn't have a chance to respond. The photo is of an immature bald eagle.

I am currently in Indiana for a moment for a wedding. My mother is sitting next to me as I type this. Any words mom?

"Fried Chicken"

I'm grateful that it's not as pornographic as it could have been. She's really enjoying the road to senility.

For those interested there is a FABULOUS article about the Minnesota owl irruption inthe July issue of Wild Bird Magazine. Whoever wrote it should be getting multiple book deals and possibly a Pulitzer...(okay, I'm the cheese ball that wrote the article, but it's still a good read). Also, a good friend Jeff Bouton has an article in there about how to tell sharp-shins from Cooper's hawks--and he actually has some good tips in there. Who knew?? He's more than just a pretty face.