Tired Tired Bog Entry

I'm so tired, my mother is wearing me out. It's not so much that she talks a lot, it's that she forgets conversations so we have to repeat stuff...a lot. While she was chattering today, I held up the Song Sleuth and it identified her as a red-bellied woodpecker...funny, I always thought of her as a yellow-breasted chat.

I do love my mother, I really do.

I went out with Mom, some sisters, a cousin and an aunt to see a bald eagle nest that they have been watching near a construction site. Between my sisters, cousin and myself the workers had their pick of a blond, brunette and red-head. One very nice gentleman offered to drive us in closer for a better view and I was able to get this photo:

We also passed a cemetary with some cute young foxes playing with each other:

Got some photos of blue jays visiting Mom's deck, using the Nova Bird camera:

Look at his cute brown eyes: