A Proud Wife

Last night I saw the debut of Non Birding Bill's play THAC0 which he wrote, directed and had a bit part in. My dear husband loves to play role playing games and much the way many of our fathers had poker nights he and his buddies have role playing afternoons. He wrote a show with several inside jokes regarding Dungeons and Dragons that I didn't quite get...kind of like the time I told him my phalarope funny (If Wilson's phalarope is the species where the female is prettier than the male and the male does all the rearing of the chicks does that mean red-necked phalaropes are found near trailer parks and the males back hand the females demanding more beer?) and for some reason he didn't get it.

Anyway, the audience was almost sold out and was wise to the ins and outs of Dungeons and Dragons and laughed uproariously. Even though I didn't not get all the jokes, I was just beaming with pride at watching my husband in action, he's got great timing and if you think I'm biased I have proof. Local comedic legend Ari Hoptman leaned over and said, "You are married to a very funny man." Well duh!

Anyway, Bill got a five out of five star audience review and I'm so proud of my non birding husband.