Bunny Buttheadery

Cinnamon is not liking her medicine and his putting Non Birding Bill through the ringer. Today at work I was incredibly lonely forgetting how much I talk to her when it's just us in the store. When you talk to your pet you're not so crazy, but if the pet isn't there you are just plain talking to yourself.

Meanwhile, Cinnamon has taken to sitting under my computer desk at home, periodically nudging my foot. She knows this is not an appropriate bunny hiding spot, but I'm a little lenient right now feeling bad over her injury. So far she has left the wires alone but found my pile of birding periodicals that I'm currently using and storing under the desk for easy access quite fascinating and fun to chew on. If she's not careful I may reconsider my stand on wearing fur as a fashion accessory.

Non Birding Bill is getting no end of amusement saying, "Oh my, look at that dust bunny under your desk!" Har har, sad rabbit owner humor. I decided to move away some of the more important periodicals (what would be said if it were known a rabbit was chewing on a Wilson Bulletin?). However, bunny mischief still ensued as she found my ABA Membership Booklet and started thrashing it around and chewing it. Apparently, she disapproves of the ABA now. I think Cinnamon's plan is to be as much of a butthead at home in the hopes that we will take her back to the bird store. I argue that if she is well enough to hop around near the desk and chew my favorite reading materials than she is well enough to work, however NBB feels very strongly that we should follow the vet's instructions to the letter. Her cut is looking better, but she still looks weird missing a huge chunk of fur on her hind end.