Desperate Birding

Last night Non Birding Bill and I headed to Fringeville for some relaxation and socialization after his show. We parked in the ramp next to Calhoun Square and as we were walking into the mall I realized I was hearing bird chirps and it was about 9:30pm. I soon discovered a barn swallow nest and marveled at the birds' ability to nest there. How do they sleep, the lights are on all night long and cars drive right underneath the nest at a constant pace. The anthropomorphic side of me wanted to say, "Dudes, you're going to be migrating within about thirty days, get some sleep!"

There is still a tremendous lull in the bird activity behind the bird store. This is not to say that we don't have any birds at all, we do have a handful of goldfinches (that's one feeding on our upside down finch feeder at right), one lone song sparrow and three families of Canada geese, but I'm beginning to miss those rowdy red-winged black birds. I know there are scores of customers who would love to loan me some of theirs but I know soon more birds will move into our area just not soon enough. This seasonal movement stuff is for the birds. We've done everything we can to keep the birds around such as keeping the feeders clean and providing the best bird food (what better food could you get than straight from a bird store) but I really do think the heavy duty landscaping caused the birds to move on. Am I sounding like a desperate woman yet?