Best Alarm Clock

Today I'm doing a birdscaping project. When you're someone like me and you've done just about everything you can in your own space to attract birds, working in someone else's yard is like a blank page. I've worked this yard before but some red squirrels have moved in and have gotten a little too cocksure about their ability to get to the feeders. I heard one of the best phrases a person in my line of work can hear: "You are my birdchick. You have free reign to do what is neccessary to take care of my birds." This just brings out the artist in me. They don't know how close they were to getting an osprey platform!

I've decided to make a day of it, so Non Birding Bill and I spent the night out here and I had the best alarm clock this morning filled with a pileated woodpecker, tufted titmouse, eastern bluebird, white-breasted nuthatches, eastern peewees topped off with some young black and white warblers working on their song.