How To Bribe a Birdchick

Not that I'm easily bribed, but if anyone ever wanted to bribe me, green tomatoes are the way to go. It must be my Hoosier upbringing but I'm a sucker for fried green tomatoes. That's one of the reasons I spent the night at the birdscaping client's home--their gigantic garden of green tomatoes. I was offered the run of the garden and when I woke this morning to the dawn chorus I scampered outside to get my treasured booty. As soon as I grabbed my first one I was smartly squirted in the face by a hidden water scarecrow--which I think I took rather well considering my lack of coffee when the incident took place.

I finished most of my birdscaping project and sat down and had a lovely dinner. Afterwards in the garden I hooted a duet with a distant barred owl while I could hear David Bowie playing lightly from the stereo in the kitchen. Bowie and a barred owl, does life get any better than that?