Excitement Behind the Bird Store

Migration is starting to kick in behind the bird store. I came back from an errand at Home Depot and as I drove past the field where our nest boxes are, I noticed three bright patches of blue flying towards some brush. I turned my trusty Saturn around an and aimed my binoculars--we had our first eastern bluebirds behind the store! I digi scoped a photo of a pair sitting on top of our Peterson Box. They will not nest in it this summer but I'm hopeful that a couple of the birds in this flock will remember our spot and nest here next year.

Last night I was bringing in our outdoor displays at the end of the day and pointed out a flock of gulls circling over the field. Denny took one look and said, "Those aren't gulls, those are nighthawks." Sure enough we had a small flock hunting insects over the field.

In other news, Melissa and I had the back door open to let in a little fresh air this afternoon and we noticed one of the several wild rabbits that inhabit the area hopping along in the middle of the parking lot. I've noticed rabbit pellets all over the parking lot and have thought this rather reckless behavior to be out in the open what with the red-tail family that lives nearby, but hey, it's their choice. As soon as the rabbit got out our view we heard it scream and squeal. Melissa and I dashed out but we couldn't see it and squeals grew more and more distant very quickly. From the way the sounds were moving, I don't think it was one of the resident red-tails. I have seen mink behind the store and last week we saw a coyote, it must have been one of those two.

Tonight as I was leaving, I opened the back door and noticed the goldfinch warning call. A female goldfinch sat on one of our tube feeders not moving an inch. I looked below the feeding area and up flew a young Cooper's hawk with a house sparrow in its talons.

All in all a very exciting day.