Meet Brian Wheeler!

Brian Wheeler, a most elusive bird author (the best photo I have is above where he's camouflaged to the nth degree photographing migrating raptors) is coming to The Raptor Center this Sunday! I'm so proud, All Seasons Wild Bird Store, the company I work for is sponsoring him!

This will be your chance to get Photographic Guide to North American Raptors autographed and if you don't own it, then you should purchase a copy at TRC (the money benefits raptors) and it's one of the BEST raptor id books out there. Wheeler has written other books too and I'm sure those will be on hand at TRC.

So, mark your calendar for Sunday, September 11 from 2pm - 4pm. The event is free, parking is free and he's a really cool guy--be there or be square...alas I will have to be square because I have to work at ye olde bird store on Sunday but I plan on sneaking up to hawk watch Monday and Tuesday with Stan and Wheeler.