Jeff Corwin

Jeff Corwin gave a talk at the O'Shaughnessy Education Center at St. Thomas University. Of all the Animal Planet hosts he is my favorite because one he made a reference to an old TV show Maude (anyone who can make a Bea Arthur reference in an animal show is okay in my book), two I really like his animal ethics and three he has found a way to earn a living doing what he truly loves: working and learning about animals and educating the public at the same time.

His talk was pretty good, it was more of him just recounting fun stories behind the scenes of his shows and it was very relaxed like you were talking to him at a party. He left the last half open for questions and it was so fun to listen to the range of questions. Those under 10 asked things like "What's the scariest animal you've ever encountered?" (his wife in hour 19 of her 26 hour labor for the birth of their daughter) or "Has anyone gotten killed working on your show?" (one tracker did get eaten by lions). Those between 19 and 25 asked things like "What do you think of PETA?" (doesn't know enough about them to say one way or the other) "Are you a vegetarian?" (used to be but can't really do it with all the travel, hard to find vegetarian in all countries). He just seemed like a genuine guy who is happy with his life, has a great time doing it and loves to share how cool animals are with the world. If his talk is coming to a town near you , I highly recommend checking it out.

I wanted to buy his book Living on the Edge but they sold out very quickly so he was kind enough to pose or a photo. I do have to admit, of all the animal planet hosts he certainly is the easiest on the eyes.