Northern Flights

I just got a call from Kelly Larson, she used to work at All Seasons Wild Bird Store and now has her own bird store called Northern Flights up in Bemidji, MN. She's having an open house this weekend and all sorts of fun events, so if you're up in the area and enjoying the fall color stop in and say "hi". Kelly is kind of kooky like myself (maybe even a tad kookier) so if you enjoy this blog, you will certainly enjoy her.

When Kelly worked at All Seasons, she worked at the Bloomington Store while I worked at the Minnetonka location. I always enjoyed getting interoffice mail from her because I just never knew what to expect. She's an expert at finding edible mushrooms and once sent over a bag of freshly collected oyster mushrooms. Mmmmmmmmm. I also remember a time when I went out birding with Kelly and Val Cunningham and we found a den of snakes just emerging from hibernation. Val and I watched with cautious interest, Kelly went right in and picked up one of the snakes. Birding with Kelly is never dull.

I asked what kind of birds she was seeing in the area, there's the Big Bog that is just great for birds and when the boardwalk opens up there I think it will become a huge birding hot spot. She said not too many birds besides the usual suspects just yet, but she has been seeing wolves--which is pretty darn cool in my book.