Bunny Indignity

I'll give you three guesses as to who is in my fancy shmancy ABA bag? I'll give you a hint: as I took the photo there were was some MAJOR disapproval emanating from said ABA bag.

If you guessed Cinnamon, you guessed correctly. It's a very breathable canvass bag and she is not in it for more than three minutes. Plus, I keep the zipper slightly ajar just to be safe.

None of the staff at the hotel who have been charmed by Cinnamon have told me that she can't come, but I feel the need to not draw attention to ourselves when we arrive. She fits just perfectly in there and it works for getting her from the car to the room. I was going to take a photo of her inside the bag, but when I opened it, she hopped out too fast for a photo. She was a little testy to say the least, her face kind looked like it did in the photo below. That's Defcon 4 when it comes to Bunny Disapproval. But some carrots tops and fresh litter in the litter box and all is forgiven for the moment.

We played the Red-tail Game on the way to Madison. It's inspired by a game Non Birding Bill has where you get points for each cow that is on your side of the car. If you pass a cemetery on your side of the car, then you lose all your points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the trip wins. In the Red-tail Game you get a point for every red-tailed hawk you spot on your side of the car, and five points for a bald eagle. If you see a turkey vulture on your side of the car you lose all your points. I had an early eagle crossing over into Wisconsin and felt sure I would win, but alas, all the red-tailed hawks were on Cinnamon's side of the car--perhaps the red-tails could sense something tasty on that side? Being winter, there just aren't too many turkey vultures up here so neither of us lost points. Finally tally: Birdchick 16 points, Cinnamon 18 points.