Cool Addition to Blogging Community

I'm so excited! Here's a quote from an email I received today from Sheri Williamson and Tom Wood:

"Blogging! Time will tell whether this qualifies you as an inspiration or just one of those bad influences our parents warned us about."

I'm hoping I fall under the latter as opposed to the former (as Non Birding Bill always says whenever I try to blame something on my evil twin, "You are your evil twin.") Sheri is one of my favorite authors and an authority on hummingbirds. Tom is a photographer, but even cooler than that is a master bird bander. Both should make for some fun postings so be sure to check out the Bisbee Border Birder Blogger (and if you're really up for an adventure try saying that five times fast...after a few dirty martinis).

On a side note, while looking for pertinent links for Williamson and Wood I discovered that you can sign up for a Hummingbird Course led by these two in 2006 through the ABA's Institute for Field Ornithology. Having met both of these people I can guarantee that the course would not only be informative but FUN (yes, that's right I put it in all caps). These are not your run of the mill birder types--they're my kind of birding crowd. Also, if you take the course, get them to sing, Sheri has a wonderful velvety, throaty voice that's warm and inviting like single malt scotch.