Bunny Buttheadery

This morning as I was checking out of my hotel, Cinnamon decided that she was NOT going to deal with the leash today and preferred to wedge herself in the space between the wall and the bed. When I poked my head behind the bed, she grunted. Many people don't realize all the sounds a rabbit can make. When rabbits are fairly irritated and feeling territorial the will grunt like little piggies and it is the highest level of disapproval. Had I not been so irritated, I would have gotten a photo of it, but I needed to get moving.

I did eventually get Cinnamon out, but not without a few well chosen four letter words.

On our way down while playing the red-tail game we passed over a river and saw two pairs red-tails thermalizing on either side of the highway. I've never seen four red-tails hanging out like that except during migration. I have a feeling this was more along the lines of two pairs of birds arguing over territory. I wish I could have stayed and watch how it played out.

Another highlight was a big beautiful rough-legged hawk on the side of the highway. I haven't seen one since last fall--I haven't been spending much time up north either so that's the reason.

I'll be curious to see if I find any more on my way back. By the way, if you don't read Bill of the Birds Blog, check this link here about CGI Carolina Parakeets in the movie New World. Finally someone is using special effects for accuate birds. I'm so happy.