Super Cool Part of My Job

Today was fun. You never know what will happen or show up at the Eagle Optic offices, today it was a golden eagle from Hoo's Woods Raptor Center in Milton, WI. Owner of Hoo's Woods, Diane Moller found out about a bald eagle that was discovered in Alaska scavenging in trash. The eagle had lost its left eye and was covered in oil. With an eye injury like that the eagle would never be a candidate for release so it needed to find a home as an education bird at a licensed raptor center be destroyed. Fortunately, Moller is not only a licensed falconer and raptor educator, she is a member of the International Eagle Austringers Association. She needed help with funding the eagle including airfare to get the eagle from Alaska to Wisconsin, annual state and federal permits to have the bird, feeding, vet care and various other sundry expenses that come with housing and eagle.

Moller brought her education golden eagle by to say thank you for our support. She still has to train in the new bald eagle who has been named Angelo. When the eagle arrived, I was with one of the many Katies that work at Eagle Optics helping some in store customers. It was fun to be able to take them back and show them the eagle. How often can you say you tested the close focus on your binoculars on a golden eagle?

That's a really cool thing about Eagle Optics. You're not just buying binoculars, you're helping other organizations and contributing to conservation projects.

For the record, Cinnamon greatly disapproved of the golden eagle visit.