Cinnamon’s Disapproving Rampage

To the left is one of the many Katies of Eagle Optics helping a customer over the phone. Little does she know that as she is innocently giving oh so informative answers that Cinnamon is sneaking up behind her to give a stealthy disapproval. Katie was wise not to take this particular incident too personally since Cinnamon knows little to nothing about binoculars.

Katie was a huge help to me in my training. She sat across from me as I would answer the phones and as I would repeat what customers were telling me, she would help me find the right answers. She was fascinated by Cinnamon. At one point while I was on the phone I noticed that she stood up with a Kleenex and bent down towards Cinnamon. I guessed that Cinnamon had left a little poo pellet outside her litter box and Kate was going to try and clean it up. Then I heard Katie say, "Oh...oh, okay...ew." I instantly knew what happened, Cinnamon had eaten her poo pellets (or cecotropes), which is typical rabbit behavior. Here's an explanation from the House Rabbit Society:

Cecotropes are clustered, soft gel-like "bunches" of fecal matter, which are covered with a light mucous film and resemble a mulberry in shape and size. They are manufactured in the adult cecum through "hindgut fermentation," and contain high concentrations of proteins, B and K vitamins, fiber, ash (nitrogen-free extract) and unidentified "energy" elements, as well as the hindgut microbes. Cecotropes are an important part of a healthy rabbit diet and are usually eaten directly from the anus as they are produced.

Mike McDowell (pictured, right) tried everything in his power to be friendly and knowledgeable but Cinnamon was unimpressed, perhaps it was because he's been talking about snowy owls too much or that he never mentions rabbits. Whatever the reason, no one was safe from her today . Katie refused to acknowledge that she was getting disapproved of, but she was just in denial. There was no approval to be had this day. Katie felt that if she petted Cinnamon in her every free moment she could get some kind of approval, but it wasn't working. But take a close look at the photo below. I took this photo as Katie was petting her, I ask you, does that look like approval?

I think Cinnamon was pretty bitter about having to wear a harness and leash. She is pretty much of the attitude that she cannot be tamed...even though she is s domestic rabbit. Of course, having a golden eagle in the office (see previous post) didn't help matters either.

All in all it was a very educational visit for me, and some fun was involved, some of the Eagle Optics crew took me out for some karaoke and I must say we really rocked the bar. After I sang Xanadu--which is becoming my signature song-- a woman came up and said I did an awesome job and she was so glad I sang it. I don't know what disturbs Non Birding Bill more, the fact that I have a signature karaoke song or that the signature song is Xanadu.