Ultra Rare Photo

Bunny Approval! Never before documented!

Today's raptor: Red-tailed hawk on 394. No heroics, it was just there.

Two weeks of no sun, and five minutes ago the sun just peaked through the haze, I have adjusted my laptop and myself to sit in it before it hides. I was being a brave little toaster about the cloudiness but the temperature went from mid-thirties to the teens this morning so it's hard to stay perky.

This morning at KARE 11 I felt so out of place. Two of the other guests that were on today were regular guests on fm107 like I am, but they tend to appear more on the afternoon shows, unlike the early morning show I do. I know there are times that I meet non birders at parties and every now and then one will be fascinated by my life style and what I do, but this whole beauty and fashion industry is so unusual to me. I just can't relate. One guest is this very glamorous woman who does PR for the Mall of America and she was on with a pack of models about what workout gear you can get at the Mall. The other fm107 regular was Christopher Hopkins who is really into make up, hair, beauty treatments, etc. I was looking over all his skin products and was just dumbfounded by all the creams and whatnot a gal my age should start buying to counter the effects of aging. He's a really nice guy, but when he started talking about all his creams he could have been talking in tongues. I suppose that's what I start sounding like when a non birder asks me about the difference between a Cooper's hawk and a red-tailed hawk. There's just a whole 'nother world out there. There also were some models from the Wedding Fair--all in all I felt entirely under dressed but sometimes it's fun to see how the other half lives.